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Mountain Kids and Truckee Little League are happy to announce that Truckee Little League baseball gear will be available at Mountain Kids effective immediately!

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Truckee Little League wants to acknowledge the efforts of our volunteer adult umpires who have worked tirelessly this season to call the games played by the Majors and Minors and AAA leagues.

Thanks To:

Brice Benefiel, Jack Bonnici, Andy Bullion, Scott Cross, Chris Fellows, Doug Flynn, Lonnie Hall, Brad Hamilton, Steve Hogan, Tom Just, Scott Keith, Dean Levonian,
Joe Mason, Marc McMullen, Gerry Morero, Andy Morris, Kevin Murphy, Alan Nichols, Matt Parisi, Craig Poe, Travis Pribble, Steve Roberts, Roger Rintala, Steve Ryan, Dean Settle, Bob Tamietti, Dave Vaille, and Al Wilson.

We also want to acknowledge the group of junior volunteer umpires, all former and current Little League players, who have done such a fine job for us this season!

Thanks to:

Marcus Bellon, Conner Bullion, Jake Bullion, Jayden Commendatore, Colin Just, Shane Poe, Joey Gravell, Drew Wingard, and Max Wingard.

We encourage all players graduating from Little League to consider joining the cadre of junior umpires to put the skills you have developed back into the game for the benefit of all Little Leaguers.


Become a Volunteer!
Help produce a great 2014 season for Truckee kids!  We need help in many areas and here is your chance to make a difference.  Email volunteer@truckeelittleleague.com and we'll answer questions and help connect you with a new role.
Updated date: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 1:57 PM

Fields are OPEN! Hotline: 530-584-1142
Please avoid using fields if they are wet and/or storms are in the area.

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