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Batting Cage Rules and Reservations

Truckee Little League batting cage requests will not be honored until after the batting cages are setup and open.  The cages are a gift and a courtesy from the Truckee Tahoe Airport District.

Truckee Little League and the Truckee Tahoe Airport District have teamed up to make available free batting cages for Little League players.

The batting cage is located inside the TTAD maintenance garage at 12110 Chandelle Way. To get there, take Truckee Tahoe Airport Road, turn left on Chandelle Way, and it's about 1/2 mile down on the left. Enter through the regular door on the west side of the building. The cage is in the two northern-most garages.

 Batting Cage Rules:

  1. Only authorized adult managers and coaches may supervise and run the cage. To be authorized, you must:
    1. Have a Little League volunteer form on file (see the Volunteer and Coaching Interest page).
    2. Have a Batting Cage Contract on file with Truckee Little League. It can be emailed to battingcage@truckeelittleleague.com.
  2. Eligible participants include players in Truckee Little League, TDRPD programs, and North Tahoe Little League.
  3. Only adults can feed the pitching machines. The operator must use an “L” fence protector if available.
  4. Bring your own bats and helmets.
  5. Only one batter and one machine operator are allowed in the cage at a time.
  6. All batters must wear a helmet.
  7. Batting cage is for team or group use only, not individual use. All sports activity needs to take place inside the building, inside the protective nets. No sports activity may take place outside the building or outside the nets.
  8. We are allowed access to the batting cage garage and restrooms only. Please do not enter any offices or the other garage. Bathrooms can be used, but need to be cared for. Kids need to request to use the restrooms. No wandering around the outside of the building. No climbing on the equipment. Kids need to be in direct sight of the coaches at all times.
  9. When departing and there is no one waiting to use the cage immediately after you, please put all equipment and the net at the east end of the garage. We must have everything put away and be out of the cages no later than 6:30 pm so please end your session about 6:15 or so. The cage areas must be cleaned up after use, bathrooms need to be checked before departing.
  10. If an incident or accident happens, a Truckee Little League Board Member must be notified immediately.
  11. The airport can close the cage at any time for any reason.
  12. Misuse of any kind will be cause for denying anyone future use of the batting cage.

 To Reserve Time At The Cage:

  1. Make sure you are authorized to run the cage, see rule #1 above
  2. Request a time slot by e-mailing us at battingcage@truckeelittleleague.com with the subject "Batting Cage Request". Please give at least two days notice. 
  3. Every Thursday and one weekend day (alternating Saturdays and Sundays) will be restricted to reservation requests from North Tahoe Little League. NTLL may only make reservation during these times. Please send email requests with subject "NTLL Batting Cage Request"
  4. Await a confirmation from Truckee Little League. Reservations are given to the first team to reserve a cage. Reservations are only confirmed when they appear on the schedule below.
  5. Each team may only reserve one time slot per calendar week and may only have two active reservation at one time. Note: You may drop in during unreserved times, though another group may already be there with first dibs on the cage. Also note that the schedule may have changed since you last looked at it.

 Current Schedule Limitations and other notes:

  1. There will be one team per slot using both cages with a one hour limit. Bring two coaches so you can work both cages.
  2. Teams will be limited to having one slot per calendar week.  Be out of the cage at your ending time if the next team is waiting, not a minute later.
  3. If you sign up for the cage, you must use the cage.
  4. Please divide your time into two halves and divide your team into two halves to attend one of the two time slots you have created for your team.  This will help reduce the number of participants outside of the cages and minimize the opportunity of unwanted activities while others are waiting for their time inside the cage.
  5. Priority will be given to comptetitive divisions - AAA and up.

**These policies may be changed at any time.




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