Umpire Clinic: 4/23, 2-5pm

What a winter!  As most of you know, the snow is melting in town and we are getting close to starting the Little League season. 

In order to have a great season, we need you help!  Truckee Little League operates with 100% volunteer umpires.  We will be holding our annual Umpire Clinic at Glenshire Elementary this Sunday 4/23, from 2 to 5 pm.

Whether you are a seasoned baseball expert, or someone who just enjoys the game, you can umpire!  This clinic is designed for people who have never umpired before, as well as those who have done a few games in the past.  Even the "old pros" can show up and brush up their skills and share their secrets with everyone else.  We strongly encourage participation from women and men, and people of all ages.  Juniors Division players will be umpiring for Majors and Minors this year.  Majors players have done a great job of umpiring Minors games, and we've even seen a few incredible kids who have umpired above their playing level!  Umpire a game with your kid and make it a bonding experience.  It's amazing what your budding baseball star can learn by seeing the game from a different perspective. Do you know a high school kid who's going to be applying to colleges soon?  Umpiring is something that really stands out on a college application.  

We moved the event to the afternoon, to allow people to ski in the morning and do other activities (including some teams playing games down in Reno!).  The weather forecast looks perfect, so we should be able to spend the entire time outside in the sunshine.  The event is shorter than years past, so no lunch will be provided.  Please bring a water bottle and put your sunscreen on!

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