Q: Who is Truckee Little League for?
A: Truckee Little League is for boys and girls ages four through fifteen. For details on age calculation, see “How do I calculate my child’s league age?”, below.

Q: What is the condensed calendar for Little League?
A: Below are the key dates for the season.  The full calendar can be found here.

Tryouts (more info on tryouts below)

Week of March 12, 2018

Practices Start

Late March, 2018

Opening Day

April 21, 2018

Team and Player Pictures

Early May, 2018

Closing Day - End of Season

Mid June, 2018


Q: My child has never played baseball. Are they too old to start playing Little League?  
A: It is never to late to start your Little League career.  We have players starting their Little League career at all ages.  One reason we have tryouts is to place players in the right division based on their ability.  And secondly, most kids are able to quickly catch up to more experienced Little Leaguers very quickly.  Although you can play Little League at four years old, at least half of all Little Leaguers started their careers at an older age than five.

Q: How is Rookies different from the other divisions?  
A: Generally, Rookies is all about learning the basics of baseball and having fun.  The Rookies all meet together in a large group on Saturdays. They split up into smaller groups for various drills, then at the end of the session the small groups play each other in games.  The games are all about learning, not winning - making sure batters know where to run when they get a hit, getting fielders to think about throwing to first, etc.  The baseballs that are used are much softer than a standard baseball to avoid injury as kids learn to catch.  Parents are encouraged to help out with drills, and it's a lot of fun for everyone!

Q: What are the rules of each division?  
A: Please see the Truckee Little League Divisions page or the Truckee Little League Bylaws on the downloads page.

Q: What kind of equipment/uniform do players need?  
A: Little League will supply to all players a jersey and a hat for them to keep.   All players will need a baseball glove.  If unable to afford one, contact the league and we'll get one for you.  Optional items include baseball pants and cleats.  All male participants will need to wear an athletic supporter at all practices and games (required for catchers).

Q: What sort of bats are used in Little League?
A: There are new bat regulations for 2018!  Little League international has complete information here. Note that Truckee Little League does provide bats for all teams.  Players do not need to provide their own but, but if they do, they must follow the new rules.

Q: How often are practices and games?  
A: There are usually 1-2 practices or games during the week and one practice or game on Saturday for each team. Rookies, Tee Ball and Farm teams will have about 12 games, Minors will have 15, and Majors will have 16.

Q: How can I get ready for the season before practices start?  
A: Although everyone has their own thoughts, here are a few of ours:  The first thing to do is to get a little physical exercise.  Second, play catch.  The last thing a player wants to do is to throw a ball for the first time of the year at tryouts.  Third, take some swings with a bat, whether it’s out in the yard without a ball, or at a batting cage.  There are batting cages in Reno and unreserved fields may be used for personal practice.

Q: Do players in minors and majors get equal playing time?
A: All players who participate will play!  In Minors, each player will have at least one at-bat and three defensive innings; in Majors, each player will have at least one at-bat and two defensive innings. The team managers will determine exactly when and where, within the little league rules.

Q: How do I contact Truckee Little League? 
A: You can contact us by e-mail (, going to our Facebook page (, or attending a league event.

Q: I have concerns or questions about my child's level of experience in Truckee Little League. Whom should I contact?
A: Please contact the Player Agent at

Q: I have a question that isn't answered here - how do I get help?
A: Email



Q: When is registration?
A: There is both online and and in-person registration.  

  • Online registration will be open Mid-December through early March
  • In-person registration will take place in early February, at Zano's Family Italian and Pizzeria.

Q: Should I register online or in person?
A: We strongly encourage you to register online!  The only reason to register in person is if you will be paying with a check or cash.  If you are going to pay with a credit card, you must register online - if you show up to register in person with a credit card, we will have laptops setup so you can register online... might as well do it from the comfort of home!  

Q: Do I play in Truckee Little League or North Tahoe Little League?  
In general, this is based on where you go to school.  Based on your residency, if you go to a Truckee school, you would play for Truckee Little League.  Residents of Truckee, Donner Summit, and Northstar play in Truckee.  Residents of North Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, and Squaw Valley play for North Tahoe Little League.  As of 2014, if you go to school full-time in Truckee you are most likely eligible to play in Truckee Little League even if you reside outside the normal league boundaries.

Q: How do I calculate my child's "league age"?
A: For the 2018 season, Little League International has changed how your child's league age is calculated.  The simplest way to determine your child's league age is via the table below - for the month they were born, scan down to their birth year, then look at the right-most column to see their league age.

For full details on this change, here is an explanation from Little League International.

For Spring 2018:


2006 20062006 2006 20062006200620062005  20052005  200512
    2005200520052005    12
2005200520052005    200420042004200413


Q: How can I provide my child's birth certificate?
A: You have two options:

  • Send a scanned picture or photo of the certificate to - please use a subject line like "Birth Certificate for John Smith".
  • Mail a copy to Truckee Little League PO Box 9739 Truckee, Ca 96162

Q: How is the registration fee determined?
A: Registration fee is determined by your child's league age.  The higher fees for older players are associated with the increased investment the league puts into the higher divisions - umpires, playoffs, etc.

Q: What division will my child play in?  Do they need to tryout?
A: Truckee Little League has seven divisions:  Rookies, Tee Ball, AA, AAA, Minors, Majors and Juniors.   The table below describes the divisions, and following the table are the guidelines for placing each player in a division. Generally, all players who want to play AAA, Minors, Majors or Juniors need to attend tryouts.  For complete details on how players are placed in divisions and on teams, see the Player Placement page, and for Minors, Majors and Juniors, also see the Draft Process page.

Division: Description
Rookies Rookies is an introductory division. Session are conducted in a "jamboree" style to introduce players to the skills need to play baseball. There are no teams in this division.
Tee Ball Tee Ball is a developmental league so players can learn the game. Games are kept informal and instructional. No scores are kept.
AA Farm AA Farm will have coach pitching. No scores are kept.
AAA Farm AAA Farm has player pitchers; for each at-bat, if the pitcher walks or hits the batter, the batter may chose to walk or have three pitches from their coach. In the last inning of the game, all pitching is done by the coaches. Scores are kept but no win/loss records are maintained.
Minors Minors is a full competitive, drafted division. Games are player-pitch with umpires officiating. Records are kept and there is a championship at the end of the season.
Majors Majors is a full competitive, drafted division. Games are player-pitch with umpires officiating. Records are kept and there is a championship at the end of the season.
Juniors Juniors is a full competitive, drafted division. Games are played with "real baseball" rules with umpires officiating. Records are kept and there is a championship at the end of the season.


Q: Tryouts?  Does this mean my child might not play?  
A: Everyone who signs up on time for Little League plays Little League!  Our objective is to create equal teams and we use tryouts to assess each player's skills, which managers use to draft their teams and place players in the correct division.  Tryouts are used to make sure each player is in the proper division according to their skills.

Q: If my child is league age 4 or 5 and has not played before, does he or she have to play in Rookies first?
A: Yes.

Q: How are players assigned to teams?  

A: Generally, players are assigned to teams by a player agent with input from the division coordinator and previous year’s coach evaluations. The specific team assignment process varies with the divisions:
  • All Rookies are on a single team – they practice together and divide up for games.
  • In the Tee Ball, AA and AAA divisions, players are assigned to teams by the player agent and division coordinator.
  • In the Minors,  Majors and Juniors divisions, players are selected in a draft for each division by the managers of each team after tryouts.  It is important to attend the tryouts so the managers can see all the players. All team placements are done by coach draft.  The number of spots in each division is determined by the number of teams in each division. If a player is not chosen by the coaches in the draft to one of the teams he/she will not play in that division and will move down to the next division. This will ensure that all players are in the proper division for their skill level. Players will be contacted within a few days after the draft by the manager of their team.  Full details of the draft process are on the Draft Process page.

Q: Can I request a friend on the team?
A: For Tee Ball and AA only, friend requests may be made (but no coach requests, please).  For a request to be considered, both parties must request the other. TLL will try to fulfill these requests, but cannot guarantee.

Q: I can't afford to pay for Little League.  Can my child still play?  
A: Yes.  If you need a partial or full scholarship,  please contact

Q: How are registration fees used?  
A:  Registration fees are used to pay for field usage fees, insurance costs, player uniforms and shared equipment such as balls, bats, helmets, catchers' gear, first aid kits, chalk, batting cages, and pitchers mounds. 

Q: Do I have to volunteer?  
A: No, but we’d love your help! Truckee Little League is an all-volunteer operation and we ask that every family helps out in one way or another.  Our board members, umpires, managers and coaches already donate a lot of time.  Helping them in any capacity is greatly appreciated.  Ways to volunteer include:  umpiring, managing, coaching, being a team mom, scorekeeping, or helping out at one of our events like opening/closing day or the Annual Rummage Sale.  If you’d like to volunteer, follow the instructions on the Volunteer/Coaching Interest page.

Q: I would like to manage a team.  How do I sign up?  
A: A manager is the "head coach", responsible for running the team. To volunteer to be a manager, click here.  

Q: I would like to coach a team.  How do I sign up?  
A: A coach is an "assistant coach", and helps the manager in running practices, games, etc. To volunteer to be a coach, click here.    

Q: What is the difference between a manager and a coach?  
A: The manager of a team will be ultimately responsible for the team.  He/She will draft the team (if in Minors, Majors or Juniors), organize the practices, manage lineups, organize team volunteers (coaches, team mom, scorekeeper, etc.), coach the team, and will be the primary contact between the league and the team.  A coach typically helps coach the team and performs any other duties as assigned by the manager.  All managers and coaches will receive training from the league.  Our Division Coordinators and board members will assist new managers with specific information to help run a successful team in your division.

Q: If I'm a manager, can I choose my assistant coach?

A: It depend which division you are managing:

  • In Rookies, all players are on the same team, so all assistant coaches work with the one manager
  • In Tee Ball, AA and AAA, each manager can choose one assistant coach to be assigned with the team, along with their child as a player. If other parents on the assigned team want to help coach, that help is welcome!
  • In Minors, Majors and Juniors, you can choose your assistant coach from the parents of the players who are drafted onto your team.

Q: I'd like to help the league by managing a team, but I'm not sure if I have the skills or time.  How can the league help me manage a team?  
A: Managing a team is probably easier than you think.  We will be having coaching clinics and meetings that will help you teach the skills, organize practices, and run the games.  Additionally, if you'd like, we'll send experienced coaches/managers to your first few practices and/or games to help you get started and get the feel of how to run things.  Please don't let the fear of the unknown persuade you not to coach or manage.  Little League is as much about having fun and teaching life skills as it is about teaching baseball and all of your skills and experience are valuable.

If you're worried about missing a game or practice, don’t; many coaches and managers miss an occasional game or practice.  Each team usually has 2-3 coaches, so if one is missing on occasion, it shouldn't be a problem.  Obviously, we'd like our coaches and managers there for most of the games and practices and they need to be reliable.  But again, please don't let the fact that you'll miss a couple of games dissuade you from managing a team.


  • Majors Tryouts: Thursday, March 9, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Minors Tryouts: Friday, March 10, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Juniors Tryouts: Saturday, March 11, 10am-12pm
  • AAA Tryouts and makeups: Monday, March 13, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Majors Tryouts: Thursday, March 9, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Minors Tryouts: Friday, March 10, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Juniors Tryouts: Saturday, March 11, 10am-12pm
  • AAA Tryouts and makeups: Monday, March 13, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Majors Tryouts: Thursday, March 9, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Minors Tryouts: Friday, March 10, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Juniors Tryouts: Saturday, March 11, 10am-12pm
  • AAA Tryouts and makeups: Monday, March 13, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Majors Tryouts: Thursday, March 9, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Minors Tryouts: Friday, March 10, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Juniors Tryouts: Saturday, March 11, 10am-12pm
  • AAA Tryouts and makeups: Monday, March 13, 6:30-8:30pm
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